I know i’m the most inconsistent blogger ya all have ever come across. Yes yes, I won’t even defend myself or anything. But i’d just present you with the fact that i’ve been neck deep in my MA thesis and to say it isn’t what I bargained for is an understatement. Don’t let nobody lie to you, getting any kind of degree in a Nigerian University is as hard as anything u wanna think of. I can’t begin to think about the stress i’ve been going through. I could start crying. Lol. This coupled with the inbuilt laziness I have can be blamed for my absence from this place that should be my succour whenever I have things to pour, issues to baare outta my soul, opinions to impose on you guys. (Another LOL?).

Okay, this post is inspired by my very beautiful girlfriend, Eniola Adeboye. I have to confess she has been such a great inspiration for me as she finds time out of her busy schedule to drop one thing or two for her readers everyday. Wow. that’s some feat, the very busy people would understand what I mean. She made a post about twenty random things about her and passed the baton to me to do the same which is what this post is all about. So sit down, relax and get to know OmoTolani a wee bit better. Random things about me? Ok you should know.

1. I love singing. I love to imagine myself as a very great singer who the world would rever for her singing prowess. Dreams, yh.

2. I get scared easily. Beneath the facade of being the very strong girl I put up, little things like a cockroach’s sound scare the hell outta me.

3.I once lost a friend to food poisoning. I haven’t and might never get over it.

4. I sleep the most during the daytime. Night sleep isn’t my thing. I could stay up all night and then spend the better part of the day sleeping. My friends say i’m weird. No?

5. I love trying new things. Meeting new people. Participating in new activities. My curiosity is epic.

6. I cry a alot. Yes, from being alone in my room thinking of stuff to getting pissed about what people do to trying to pass a message across to someone who doesn’t care to listen, the tears flow freely.

7. I’m not as thick skinned as everybody thinks I am. I’m very very vulnerable especially when it comes to matters of the heart. My very close friends know this, I guess.

8.I love 2faceIdibia. He’s cute and very talented. But no, because, Annie!

9.My mum is a nurse. A chief Nursing Officer at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

10. My middle name is Zulaykha but I don’t tell people because they all call it ‘Suliyat’. You know why!

11. I love Latoun

12.I secretly wish to be a model, doing the runways, glamour pages and all that. But I can’t, because. Nudity.

13. I tell my mother everything. From books to friends to boyfriends to emotional entanglements to everything and nothing. She knows!

14.I once turned down a marriage proposal. Not the ‘ go down on one knee with a ring presented kinda proposal’ but a proposal still!

15. I don’t know how to hold grudges for long, I could initially act like everything has gone sour but with time, I always come around. Always!

16. I say many things that might not be accepted well by the other party and sometimes I feel terrible about it. My bluntness could be very rude.

17. I’m from Ibadan. I was born and bred here and I wouldn’t mind settling down here. The serenity here is appealing.

18.I love orderliness but keeping it could sometimes be a bore.

19. I’m eating beans at the moment. Beans and corn that mum brought to the hostel for me. So delicious.

20. I need your prayers.

I hope I ddnt bore you with my randoms. I really do hope so. I don’t have anyone in mind to pass this to, so dear readers, if u r interested In sharing 20 random things about you, do tag along and share with us. Thanks for reading… BOS