Day 30: The Happiness Challenge

I don’t even know what to say. The journey has been amazing!

I’m really in my feelings right now and you know how it is when you feel too deeply about something, words will elude you.

I still don’t know what to write.

Help me guys.

Thank you Aminah, for being a part of this challenge, I love you

Thanks Fola, You promised yourself you’d get through with this and you did.

Thank you Waliyullah, your comments are always well articulated and I look forward to them

Eniola my yummy mummy, I want to see you again, soon!

Thanks Aramide, my lost but found sister, counting down to that link up soon, In sha Allah

Hi  Debs, I am extremely glad we got acquainted.

Leeeeemah, wait, when are we having a collabo on either of the blogs? I adore you!

Thanks Mr Forbes, you are a big deal and you know.

Lilian my manager, thank you for stopping by.

Thanks Ayodele, for always.

Mansurah, thank you for being so consistent and for your beautiful heart, thank you.

Thanks Adebimpe mi, living with you is the coolest thing!

Thank you Shona, you are a beautiful and rare kind.

Thank you, Haddie, I love how you have carved a niche for yourself in decent fashion.

Thanks Toyin, I really cannot wait to meet you sometime, you rock.

Thank you Aishah, able member of the pretty gang, I cherish you a lot.

Oyesunkanmi my Best friend forever, thank you for then and now!

Ms_Zeenah, You are so beautiful, I cherish you

Ameerah, I love our chats and how you always bare it all to me, thank you for being a part of this challenge.

Vivian, I’m grateful to Halima for making you come across this, you are amazing.

Desola, I will always be glad we got to be roommates, I heart you

Hello Hijabs by Aishah my forever baby, you know Momma loves you.

Zaynab the poet, when are you writing me a poem? You are amazing.

Sophia, You know I admire you a lot,

Mueynah the ever pretty baby girl, I miss you and cherish you.

Sekinah (Damzeel), thanks for stumbling on the blog, I love your page!

Harleyma, Thank you for the love you always show

Cakes by Leemah, thank you for always coming through.

Sajbabs the wonderful photographer, I pray you higher grounds in your chosen career.

To all our vendors, May your businesses never stop booming and may you always have reasons to rejoice.

I’m not sure  I mentioned everybody, if I did not mention your name, I’m very sorry, I cherish you all so much and I’m glad you participated in this challenge.The bigger picture for this is that we are able to imbibe the habits we have picked over the last few days, put them in our every day lives and always move towards attaining happiness. I pray we all stay guided and guarded , I also pray that we always have things worthy of celebration to share with one another. We are a family now!

Today, I want us to reflect on the past days and the tasks that have been carried out. Tell me what you have learnt, tell me what habits you are holding on to, tell me if you were able to attain at least a certain level of happiness, tell me if this challenge helped you in any way and if you look forward to the next one. Let me know the lessons and tricks learnt!

Now to our winners, I know that you all have been waiting for this. I don’t even know how to go about picking the winners, sincerely.  I want to try to be fair, so i’d still stick to those who added comments frequently, those who never missed a day and always made sure they added something.

Since you are all far from me and we can’t have a physical ballot system, I’ll find a way to distribute the winnings and make it as fair as it can be. I’ll then announce the winners and their winnings tomorrow, by God’s grace.

See, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you are a big deal and you mean a lot to people around you, let your light shine through and cut off all negative vibes. You are amazing, and I LOVE YOU!

I’ll be back. BOS










Day 29: The Happiness Challenge

I am in Ibadan now, I have a one week break which started yesterday  and I’ll be resuming next week Monday, In sha Allah. I could have stayed back in lagos because the duration of the leave is short but I had to come home to help my mum with preparation for my brother’s wedding. Oh I ddn’t tell you guys? My only brother is getting married this month and preparations are in full swing. My sister got married earlier this year so this is the second Wedding of the year, isn’t that wonderful? When I teased my mum about why we must have two weddings this year, guess what she said? ” We are clearing next year for you”. What a wow! Can my future husband hear that? The fam is waiting for you and they are ready!

My brother will be getting married to the love of his life and I’m so happy for two of them. If you stay with them for few minutes, you won’t but notice the glow in their eyes and the affection they both share. Love is beautiful, you can’t tell me nothing! You know, I used to have a boyfriend at the time they both started their relationship and we four used to have double couple trips where we would hang out and create memories, trust me , it was amazing. And it gives me joy that though my own story did not have the happy ever after ending, these two have held on strong and have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Congrats guys!

My brother carried eyes to the market and chose well o, not only is his bride to be very intelligent, she is highly creative too and this is shown in how she makes awesome stuff with beads and the likes. She is my regular bead maker and she never disappoints. Look at what she did for my sister and I when my sister got married.


These are some of her other works too


Patronize our Iyawo o, check her Instagram account (@mo_abah) and place your orders. She is giving out a pretty set to one of our winners too, as the generous and adorable lady that she is.

Today, everyone will get a call from me and I mean it. I want to hear what my readers sound like and I want you to know I’m real  For you to understand that It isnt’t a robot that has been giving you tasks for the past days. That is the task I’m giving myself for my readers today . I want us to talk and laugh over the phone, I want us to make ourselves happy, I pity my call credit sha, because I have plenty International readers, lol I don’t mind. I could even do a video call with some who wouldn’t mind, just say it. Please send your numbers to me on any social medium you follow me on and make reference to the blog. You may also email it to me  via busaritolani@gmail.com

I’ll be back.  BOS




Day 28: The Happiness Challenge

I’ll be going to Ibadan today, In sha Allah. Pray for Journey mercies for me.

I can say that I am one of the people I know, who laughs the most and the hardest. I laugh at every thing, I mean that literally. I find humour in a lot of things and if you ever need someone to laugh with, I am game! I  don’t even know how to give a straight face in pictures, I have this signature smile /huge grin I always have plastered and It gives me great joy when people tell me they love it.. What’s the morale of this story my people? Learn to laugh more!

Some people are so uptight and it shows in their countenance all the time. It makes me wonder if  Life is really that hard and why we keep punishing ourselves over things we can’t control. I am not saying I don’t have moments when I don’t feel like laughing , but let’s try and be more at ease with ourselves. Please laugh a lot, you don’t own all the problems in the world, and please remember that there are a number of people who depend on your smile to be happy, Smile and Laugh for them!

Let me share some pictures where I laughed very hard or maybe I just feel like sharing my gallery with you guys.





Today, we are going to change a negative notion into a positive one. Whatever negative vibe we have will be consciously changed to a positive one. This is what I mean, if there is something that gives you a negative feeling, look at the other side of it and make it become positive. For instance, if you have been feeling low for not having money to buy Asun and Fried rice from the place, think about the fact that someone does not even have money to drink Garri and be thankful. If you feel like you couldn’t go on  that trip you planned to go this December, think of someone that wouldn’t mind having a roof over his head right now. If you have been thinking your life isn’t going as well as planned, think of the numerous people who would not mind being in your shoes right now, e.t.c. Remember guys, positive vibes only!

Don’t forget to laugh today, laugh a lot ..

I’ll be back Darlings. BOS



Day 27: The Happiness Challenge

I feel like sleeping in all day but I can’t. I have this meet up with some amazing people and I already gave them my word that I’ll be there. And you know promise is a debt, I have to go. My consolation is that I will be having meaningful conversation with intelligent people and I’ll be learning a lot.

I’d like us to be mushy again today.  Notice how I always want us to reach out to friends and loved ones? I have read too many stories and seen too many instances of people who are going through life with the thought that nobody cares about them and this might in turn lead to depression. No, we don’t want our loved ones to be depressed so we have to show them. So, today, we are going to let people know how much we care about them. Show love, appreciation and all the emosh you can muster to a friend, family or lover, tell them you care!

You could say it in few words, you could write an epistle, just make it explicitly known that you care and would always ride for them. This is different from when we told them everything will be alright or tried to encourage them, this time, we are being a bit more personal by letting them know that we care a great deal about them and they are appreciated.

My friends will be getting plenty emotional messages from me today because see ehn, I think I’m good at those. Not just because I want to weave words together and sound poetic, but also because I actually do care about my friends, I care about them a great deal.

To my readers, you all have become family to me over these past days and I want you to know that I care greatly about you. I care about your happiness, I care about the things that bring joy to your soul, I care about the wishes you have in your heart and I pray they come to pass, I care about those comments you drop day in and out, I care about the notifications I get on my phone showing that someone has liked a post I put up, I care about the fact that you appreciate me enough to stick by me from day 1 of this challenge to now, Day 27. I care so much about you, my darlings. I want to be there for you whenever you need me and I hope we always have sincere reasons to be happy.

I think  I can boldly say that I know some of the best Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and I don’t only know them, they are my friends too. I know some people might have heard of Love and Fashion or seen his works around, oh yes, I know who runs it and He is my friend! (errm my before before Sweetheart actually).  He has always been that lover of fashion and he sure pays attention to details with his designs.  Look at some designs from his collection, and oh yes, he is the model too!


I know you are waiting for me to say I have one of his designs and I won’t dissapoint you. He gifted me this very pretty shirt among other things.


He is giving a special design to one of our winners too. You may check him on Instagram (@loveandfashion01), Tell him you are from me, I’m sure he will do you well. Lol

I’ll be back. BOS




Day 26: The Happiness Challenge

Remember the jumpsuit and Kimono combo ya all liked, oh well, I did it for the fans again! I wore it to work yesterday and you know how we do it always, slay was the deal!


Let’s take ourselves out today. Proper chilling , either alone or with friends. Oh yes, I know you love to sleep in or lazy around all day but not today darling, the challenge is coming out very early so you can have enough time to give yourself a treat!

Attend an Owambe with a friend, Go to the nearest cinema to you to see a movie, hang out at the beach, go somewhere nice with a friend, Step out of your house to a mall or something close and have fun! Yes, do anything with the sole aim of having fun and there you are. I don’t know what your idea of fun is but today, I really want you to step out. Except you have very tangible reasons to stay in and even at this, you may just invite a friend or friends over and have the best time with them.

As for me, I’ll be going to the Beach with friends and I’m so excited. We could touch other places too, we just wanna have fun!.

Bisola Ashabee is my friend too. Ya all know Makeup by Ashabee right? Oh yh, we were classmates in University and anytime I see her works featured on different pages, I feel this surge of happiness. You know how it feels to see that your own friends are making ways and don’t plan on backing down? That’s the feeling!  she has always been a go getter anyways, I am not surprised at all.  Saying her works are beautiful looks like an understatement to me because i think they are beyond that. Bisola actually does the transfprmation thing for her clients, I won’t lie.  She makes beautiful people even more beautiful


And this is Bisola, by the way. I’m not sure if she did the makeup herself or someone else did.


That isn’t all we have from this gorgeous woman, she also owns Bee Lashes, a Nigerian eye lashes brand and their products speak for them. Please check her pages @makeupbyashabee and @beelashes if you want to get glammed! Because of her tight schedule, she won’t be doing a makeover for one of our winners but she has promised us Bee Lashes. Yaay!

I have to run now people, so much fun awaits me. Let me know how your day goes and if you were able to step out to do something fun!

I’ll be back. BOS


Day 25: The Happiness Challenge

I feel like turning up today but there is really no turn up idea in my head right now. Last week was Afropolitan so I guess I already did all the turning up for the month of November.

Today, let’s give Charity, and be very generous about it. Let’s give something tangible to any less privileged person around us, sew a seed, Pay it forward! Just consciously give something out in charity today and watch the bounty arrive soon.

I know that Debs will comment again that I have many friends but I don’t mind. Lol. That’s how they born me.

The name of the friend I will be talking about today is Adedayo, CEO of Harikson Needle. Just writing her name now, I can remember all the moments we have shared. From meeting during our remedial days to becoming Course mates to living together in 300 level, Dayo and I have come far! She is one of the funniest people I have met in my life and there is never a boring moment with her.  She is a Fashion designer and one of the few people who combine a 9-5 with being an Entrepreneur, she’s just an all round Girl boss! Her designs are well cut and maybe because she is an office person, she has lots of ready to wear outfits that are office friendly.


She has this beautiful Denim collection too, she literally makes anything out of Denim


img-20161123-wa0009I’m sure you know I must have rocked her designs too! I even rocked both skirts with the same top and it fit.



She can hook you up with any design of choice, just check her page@hariksonneedle on Instagram and  place your orders or send her an email harikson19@yahoo.com

I’ll be back. BOS



Day 24 : The Happiness Challenge

You people have long wish lists o, ahn ahn. I pray with you today,  from the bottom of my heart , that may the good lord, who owns and takes lives, who guides and guards, grant you his mercies and make your wishes come to pass if only they are beneficial to you and for you.

From general consensus, we will be dishing out the gists in series but I might have to add some fiction to it, a lil bit of this and that. I’ll use this to brush up my fiction writing skills and share my innermost thoughts with you all too, I already see this as a very interesting journey!

You guys did not think we would end this challenge without me getting  spiritual Did you? I know many of you know me that I’m a god person who is absolutely in love with her religion and she never fails to show it. I am glad many of us are either Christians or Muslims as  those are the ones I can easily refer to their scriptures. Today, we are going to reflect on some words of our holy books and get something from them. i’m sure you all understand that every letter and word of the scriptures is God speaking to us and helping us to get through life. Just open your Bible or Quran and reflect on a verse or if you can , an entire chapter. You could also look around for books which seek to explain these words, or those that generally help us to get better in serving God. Watch the peace that will envelope you immediately and who knows? it might directly speak to any situation you are in right now, that happens to me a lot.

Look at this one, for instance


These are the kind of words that get me by, I always remember that it gets dark before morning and I will not be tested beyond my ability for Allah’s mercy won’t cease from my life.

Please let me know what verse of your holy book speaks to you and if you were able to reflect on it today.

I’ll be back. BOS