When dreams Come True

‘Aeroplane, Father Aeroplane, I want to be a doctor, Aeroplane’…. For those of us that grew up in certain parts of Nigeria, what I just wrote is not something new. Yes, we all wanted to be ‘a doctor’ at one time or the other. Probably due to how we met the rules and songs till we got grown and discovered our different paths in life. It still seems very funny to me when I remember those dreams we used to have. Lol How do we all become doctors?

Okay, I’m sorry for the Intro. The real reason behind this write up is to make everyone know how proud I am of a very special friend of mine, Olajumoke ogundeji. Her covocation is today, 18th June, 2014 and I can’t but think of how it all started. I am so happy for my friend and the excitement I feel right now would have you feeling it’s my convocation. Yes, I cherish her that much.

Olajumoke came to my high school in Senior Secondary School 1 or 2, I can’t remember cleary. She was this very beautiful girl and was too quiet (or so I thought). To everyone, she was just the ‘new student’ and the members of the C’ class which comprised of the very brilliant students did not want her to be put with them, as they assumed she wasn’t up to the task.Shortly after she came, we had our mid term exams and alas, Olajumoke was the overall best student.. It was no small feat, so many of us were awed by her performance and I decided there and then to get her acquaintance. I was known to be the very outspoken student and It came naturally to me to befriend students who stood out with their intelligence and brilliance.Olajumoke became the overall best student and she didn’t relent till we left high school.

We weren’t exactly very close till our final high school days when people started discovering some resemblance in us. Another pathway to our closeness was our prefectship which compelled us to engage in meetings to discuss how the school activities would be run. She was the Senior girl while I was the social prefect. She would come to my house on her way to her church which was close by and we discovered many similarities between ourselves, the differences were there but they were things we could deal with. I was very happy about this new found friendship with the best student in the science class. ( Let me be a proud little girl by saying I was the best in Arts class).ooops.sorry!

We graduated and of course, Jumoke had the best WAEC result ( As and Bs). I was so happy about this because we both went to check our results together and mine wasn’t bad either. We were very very happy. Oh yes, We were glad that our dreams of going to the university were being droven into reality. I went to Unilorin while Olajumoke was given admission to Ladoke University of Technology (LAUTECH) to study Mathematics. This wasn’t exactly accepted with gaiety as she always wanted to study Medicine but she decided to make do with it instead of staying idle.

While In Ilorin, I would go visit Jumoke and her friends would tell me about her brilliance. Already, my friend was the star in her class. Her results were something to smile about. In her 3rd Year, She told me someday: OmoTolani, I’m travelling out of the country to study medicine because that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy because she was finally pursuing her dreams and I was sad because I would really miss her. She left for Sumy state University in Ukraine and our communication was reduced from physical to phones and chatrooms.

We would exchange pictures and update each other of the happenings in our lives. ( From family to relationships to every other thing you could think of). We didn’t let the distance disturb our friendship and we remained best friends. Jummy came home after her 3rd year and you should know we were together all through. She bought me the shoes I wore for my convocation that year and I told that to everyone who admired the shoes. Even after all the ‘foreign exposure’ , my friend was unblemished. She was still the beautiful, natural and kind Olajumoke I had always known. My mum’ friend saw her sometime and said : ‘that girl is such a blessing to her parents’. Yes, Olajumoke carried that aura around her. I’m too happy she’s my friend.

She left after Summer and we continued with the phonecalls and chats. Now, Olajumoke is graduating today, Yes! She is a medical doctor. She is a doctor! You know what that means? She is Doctor Olajumoke. My friend, my love, my confidant. She has done me proud again. This is what she does, this is what she has made us used to. She is amazing, wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and awesome! Hello people, respect me, my friend is a medical doctor ☺ . Call me OmoTolani the doctor’s friend. I can’t be in Ukraine today so I thought of how best to show her how much I cherish her, Hence this post. May Allah guide my Olajumoke home and make her very successful. May she continue making us proud and may she be granted a long and healthy life.

These prayers extend to you my readers too. May we always have reasons to celebrate with one another. Amin.I’m sorry if I bored you but this is to show I excited I am.Btw, I’ve been told by many people we look very much alike. Hmnnn, Do you think we do? Do let me know through your comments. Thanks for reading. I love you… BOS

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Take a seat, Enjoy the ride. I’m just gonna relax and enjoy my life. I’ll take some smile to smell the grass and the flowers,I’ll bask in the sun and dance in the rain…. Familiar words right? Yes, those are jumbled lyrics of ‘Dance in the rain’ by my favourite Naija artiste, 2face Idibia. I can’t get enough of this song.

Ok. What are we trying to say today? It’s all about making peace. Letting go of the negative vibes. Appreciating the little things. Letting the hurt go. Forgiving people. Understanding that Human beings have to err, it is inevitable. We all have erred in one way or the other, haven’t we? You might start thinking ‘Oh no, I don’t hurt people, I don’t go breaking hearts’ . But my dear, do u know how many unconscious acts of yours have cut people deep and made them feel unwanted and less of themselves? Think again.


Recently, I called up a friend of mine from way back, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I realised I always thought about how much she hurt me and the many times I was disappointed by her acts towards me . But then I thought again, How many people feel this way about me? How many people have I hurt by my actions? How many things have I done to make people feel they would never forgive me? Should I constantly grow a dislike for someone when I might be guilty of the same thing I feel she has done to me? All these and many more ran through my mind and I found myself dialling her number. Hello dear, how are you?’ The peace I felt after this is very very indescribable.

This might look so cliche and ‘norm looking’ but sincerely, It is very important. Don’t wait till someone dies and you start regretting not being at peace with them. Death doesn’t tell us it’s on its way. Do not be ashamed to take the bold step today. I know you’d think ‘oh this girl should be the one to apologise,not me’. Darling,Life is not the abc you think it is. Go ahead with ur intentions to be at peace with yourself and everyone around. You’d be amazed at the serenity that comes with it.

Do yourself some good by contacting a friend who turned foe today. Don’t mind the nagging thoughts that you are better off without them. Nobody is saying you have to be besties with everyone. Just be at peace. Let the grudge leave as it came. You don’t know how helpful you all could be for one another. And again, Remember, DEATH.

When it gets too long, it gets boring. I’d consider this and save you all from the yawns by stopping here.If I have done you wrong or made you feel some typa way that is not too pleasant and you get to read this, do holla, I’d do the needful ☺. So You, I wish you the best as I trust you would follow my advice and even go farther. Make yourself happy and be at peace! Listen to 2face Idibia’s Dance in the rain and put it on repeat. I’ll be back….. BOS


Goodbye friend, Goodbye.


I’m almost home Mom, almost home…

How many times have we all said that to our mothers when we are on a journey back home from someplace far away and all we can picture in our minds is getting home to the comfort of family and warmth that radiates in that place called ‘home’. Yes, let me answer for you, We have done that many times .

I m sure that would have been what Olaide said to her mum the last time they spoke. After crossing all the high and lowways, bumps and potholes, smoothness and roughness that make up our roads in Nigeria from lagos all the way to Ogbomosho, she would have uttered that statement to her mum with excitement, with enthusiasm, with passion. What went wrong?

Her mum too would have gone ahead to make some preparation as regards what she would eat, drink and how she would rest after the journey. Yes, our mothers do this even if we’ve been away for just few hours. This and many more make up what we call ‘the joys of motherhood’. That smile, Those tears, the pain,the soothing feeling, the anger, the happiness, everything encountered while a child grows by the day. They make a mother happy. They make her content.

But what happens when that is cut short? How did Laide feel when the car tire went all open all of a sudden? What was on her mind when she got flung onto the road? What flooded her head when she knew it was almost over? Hope? Faith? Resignation to fate? Extreme sadness? Her mother’s face? What? Would we ever know? No, we wouldn’t. We can only play it through our minds if we have the abilities to imagine gory sights without wanting to puke.

Then, the phone call that would have shattered her mother’s heart. The phone cal that would have made her mum wish it was all a dream. That it was an April day’s prank. That it was all hallucination. No, Her Ayodeji couldn’t be gone just like that. I mean, they spoke minutes ago and she was almost home. They must be kidding her. Her baby was on her way home and she would drown in her embrace soon.

I knew Olaide in 2007 during our remedial programme in Unilorin. I used to tease her about her big bum and walking posture. . I also used to joke about how lucky she was to have such a fine face and very well proportioned body. She would laugh and laugh and say: ‘You are not serious’. After remedials, we did not see frequently but we managed our hellos well whenever she came around. And then bbm came and we rekindled our friendship. She d always tease me about how popular I am and how I know everybody in Ilorin and I would tease back by saying she knowing them too meant we were both popular.

She’d update stuff to remind us about Salat and Allah’s kindness to us, admist her social activeness. She was amazing. She was wonderful. She was beautiful. She was in love with her deen. Where did that all go? How did it all get cut? What happened? How? What? Where? Too many questions come to our heads but we cannot but swallow them and thank the Almighty. After all, He is unquestionable. He knows it all, He knows what is open and what is not. He understands why everything happens, what is our place to question what we’ll never find answers to?

What can we do? PRAY! Yes, we pray to God to forgive her sins and grant her Al jannah. To console her parents and make them undersand it’s His will. Take a minute to pray for Ayodeji, she needs our prayers more now. It’s also a reminder to us all, Death knows no class, race or appearance. It is inevitable. Anybody could be next. Let’s do good and be happy with people around us. After all, this life is but a journey and anything could happen at any time. Olaide is an example.


My hands are shaking. I don’t know what to write anymore. If I feel this way, how would her parents feel? Close family? Closer friends? The tears are flowing freely now. I want to withdraw into the shell I’ve been since yesterday when I heard the terrible news. I want to cry, I want to pray, I want to do many things all at a time. I feel sick. I need to stop now. RIP Ayodeji Olaide Adunni Olanrewaju. Rest well, darling ☹ ….       BOS