The Laughter in Tears


It’s a beautiful night. It just rained. Beautiful ambience. Beautiful souls too. No?

Why can’t we be happy? Why is joy so evasive? Can’t the bubbles of happiness be evenly shared?

We spend the day laughing to the world, creating a facade. Living up a make believe life, Pretending to the world. *laughs hysterically*

The nights come and individual shells are crawled into. Pillows suffer the acts. Soaked up to the brim from tears of sadness run deep…

Is this what the nights are for? Could there be a reason the nights are dark? For tears? Are tears okay? Is sadness essential to living? No? No?

The causes of this sadness, vary in depth and length. Illnesses? Debts? Heartbreak? Disappointments? And so on? They want to stay, they don’t want to leave. Why seeking to be so permanent, why?

The Night stretches, further. Like the river Nile,. Seemingly unending. Without promise of a finish point. It goes on, dark, darker, dark again…





The morning comes! With rays of hope, with a promise so new! With beauty, glamour, joyful cries and noises. It comes, closer, closer.

Then comes the struggle to grab it. With all might. With all power. Hey happiness,. Embrace me in full, let me bury myself in you… stay here, Please stay, Don’t leave me to the mercy of the Night. The dark mercy!

And it goes on, Night comes again but with a distant threat to its end, The Morning!

This write up is dedicated to all my friends and readers who are going through one thing or the other. You alone understand your pain, the silent battle you are fighting. I tell you darling, we all have our storms but guess what? It will be beautiful!

I pray the almighty makes us all genuinely happy and makes it stay that way. Lots of love from me. I’ll be back. BOS