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Lol. I know you guys would be thinking: Ki tunni Tolani gbe wa yi? (Meaning What is this Tolani came with again). Well, the spirit brings different messages and I go with the flow. So, make una take me like that.

Wikipedia defines Stalking as an  unwanted or obsessive  attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harrassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. From this definition, I have an inkling that we are supposed to view stalking as a very bad thing. I mean, Wikipedia even goes further to say It is a criminal offence. Oops!

I believe that the idea of stalking doesn’t necessarily have to do with following people physically. As It has done everything else, Social Media has made Stalking easier and more popular as It is easy to follow a person’s activities just by observing the person’s online activities. It is easier when the person puts a whole lot out there. It just makes the stalking activity easy for the Stalker and makes the Stalkee open to all sorts of things (errrm). The stalkee becomes that almost naked woman who caused her own plight by selling off all her items of clothing

Stalk 2.

We cannot totally rule out the advantages of Stalking as It has saved some people from ruin and has helped in avoiding certain Tragedies. Yes, Tragedies! You plan to execute a plan and you see some information lieing around and that just about saves you a whole lifetime of unwanted stress or mistakes. In as much as you might want to be reliant on your stalking skills to decipher things,  One has to be really careful while Stalking . Lol.  You have to be consistent and accurate at your stalking game. You want to stalk someone to get some information? Notice everything, I repeat, Everything! (Now don’t act like you haven’t stalked someone before).

You don’t want to work on half information while you ignore the other or just decide not to see it. For instance, a girl you like posts something like : ‘I like Tall guys’ and you start to jump in excitement because you believe you are tall and you have a chance with her.  You might even start preparing your wooing message only to find out you missed her second post where she said :That’s why I  love My boyfriend/husband, He is tall’. Get the drill now? You just waste your time building up Toasting skills when the person in question is with someone else

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It already looks like I’m encouraging you guys to keep stalking others. Errr, well, not exactly. I’m just an advocate of Investigation! Lol. You observe and investigate!. I have to add that some people just make it really easy for their stalkers. Every piece of clothing they wear and how well they match it is a topic for their page. People go as far as telling us when they just had coital with their spouses. Gross yh? Well, they say it’s freedom of expression .I even heard of a young lady who posted her flight details on Instagram and a very bad Samaritan decides to help her with cancellation (okay now that’s a very mean thing to do). But in the real sense of it, why put up your flight details? Does that signify upping your societal acceptance game?

Stalking could get really bad especially when the stalker starts having negative plans for the ‘stalkee’. We have heard of instances where men stalk their wives and vice versa to do terrible things to them, friends stalk one another to gather incriminating evidence, Strangers stalk to have a feel of what your life is about amongst other instances. It is of record that most people in the world have been victims of stalking at least once in their lifetime. They might not directly know because the stalkers did not leave hints while some get unlucky and find out too late. Some lose their lives in the process while some get themselves in all kinds of mess. It could be really haunting when you know your every move is being watched by someone who you don’t even have an idea of how they look.Stalk 3

So what I think is, you don’t want people to know that much about you? You keep it. It’s no longer the times of slow information. Information spreads fast via New media and the way it is going, It would get faster. So, as a stalkee, reduce your activity update and I have a feeling you are safe to an extent. To the Stalkers, hmnnnn. Make una dey do small small o, Don’t let it get creepy. Stalking could be subtle and without bad intentions. I think It is when it gets extreme that it becomes unhealthy. And remember, It could be a criminal act. I’m out! BOS

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Stalker: Person who stalks

Stalkee : Person who is being Stalked  (Pardon my language).

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